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Thursday Night: Arrive & Connect

We will come together in the beautiful Coconut Grove for the Intersect Opening Reception with local food and drink, and an opportunity to mingle with and meet the other attendees from around the world who share this passion.

There will be Connection Games to foster genuine communication, alongside enjoying the Hawaiian evening breeze out by the ocean as the sun sets.

This is an evening to arrive, connect with the land of Hawaii, and begin to get to know this community.

Friday Morning: Listen, Land & Learn

Our focus Friday morning will be to learn from this community. People will have a chance to share what brings them to the Intersect, what the burning questions are on their mind, and what they hope to give and receive in the days ahead.

This time allows each person to hear from every member - their work, passions, and visions - and begin to learn from and know each member of the group.

Friday Early Afternoon: Enjoy the Beach & Property

After lunch on Friday there will be a time open to enjoy the ocean, swimming pool, snorkeling, paddle boarding, and more. Go by yourself or invite one of the other attendees to explore with you.

Friday Late Afternoon: Breakouts by Industry

Business, Healthcare, Start-Up, Education, Women Leadership, etc.

One Option: Wisdom in Business Deep Dive

Friday Evening will focus on Wisdom in Business. How do we create workplaces and companies that foster mindfulness, connection, and innovation?

There will be talks, small group breakouts, and a deep dive into how our workplaces -- whether at home or in a large corporate office -- can be enhanced. We will look at what is happening in this mindfulness field across the world, along with new opportunities.

After the session, attendees can enjoy the pool or hot tub, or join others in the lounge for late night conversations.

Saturday Morning: The Wisdom Revolution in Society

How to facilitate a group conversation on the wisdom revolution in society?

After morning yoga and meditation, our group session Saturday morning will focus on Wisdom in Society, beyond just work.

Areas such as education, healthcare, and social change will be explored, with an emphasis on practical applications in these areas.

This will be a chance to learn from those in a variety of fields, and also share your interests and visions.

Saturday Early Afternoon: Enjoy the Beach & Property

After lunch on Saturday will be time to enjoy nature and the resort, either at the swimming pool, snorkeling, paddle boarding, and more. Go by yourself or invite one of the other attendees to explore the area with you.

Saturday Late Afternoon: Breakouts by Industry

Saturday Night: Dinner On Your Passions, Birds of Feather 

Saturday night, we will break up into small tables to explore the Birds of Feather Dinner. These will be created by you on topics of greatest interest to you.

Do you care about children and mindfulness? You can host a dinner on that. Want to meet other executives bringing mindfulness into work? You will have that chance. No matter the topic, you can either host or join a topic on it as we connect with others on our areas of interest.

Sunday Morning: Digesting, Harnessing & Planting

Sunday morning is our closing session, where will gather in large and small groups, to harness the learning that has happened the past few days, and plant seeds for what is to come in our lives.